About the Author

Hello! I am Cassandra Marie, and this is my blog!!

I am, first and foremost, passionate about connecting people with the KINGDOM OF GOD. My heart is to help people find FREEDOM, and discover their PASSION and CALLING.

Which is why I started this blog • with hopes of inspiring and setting people hearts free to love God, love themselves, and love others.

If you love the blog, then you should check out my Facebook page  >From the Heart of Abba<  for daily encouragements and prophetic insights into the times and season we are in!

I spent most of my 20’s as a missionary with Youth With A Mission, and love to travel and bring the Kingdom to the nations. As I came into my 30’s, I moved back to where I grew up [in America] to spend time with family, and prepare for the next adventure.

I LOVE the prophetic, and believe in the power of prayer • if you are in need of prayer, breakthrough, or a prophetic encouragement  >click here<  and I would be honored to pray for and with you!

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